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Nik Kirkham was born in Vienna, Austria, the son of a Polish refugee and a high school dropout. Having worked hard throughout their lives, Nik’s parents encouraged his creative inclinations from an early age.  But it was not until the age of twelve, that he considered writing as his medium. By then he had already been heavily influenced by both classical Science Fiction authors, like George Orwell, Aldous Huxley and Douglas Adams, but also by modern visual storytelling experiences, such as television’s Stargate SG-1, or BioWare’s Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and Mass Effect series. Having decided on writing deeply philosophical science fiction stories centred around the real world, Nik embarked upon two degrees in Political Science in Vienna and at the London School of Economics. He also holds a Masters and a certificate in Creative Writing from the University of Glasgow and the London School of Journalism respectively and has been actively publishing both journalistic articles and political analyses over the years. Most recently he has acquired a diploma in film making from the Film School Vienna. Nik is currently working on several screenplays, a stand-alone novella entitled ‘Vision 20/20″ and ‘The Intrepid Explorer’, a series of five novels, of which the first has been completed.