Life Is Like a Musical

It’s been a long summer break and now it is time to populate this section with some of my daily experiences. I believe the reason why I come up with creative stories and why I love to do so, is because my life often plays out like a TV show, a movie or a musical. There are different periods that I would even consider as chapters that have a beginning, a middle and an end and I don’t need to rationalise much to arrive there. Many of my friends are calling them the “Nik stories”, as in crazy and strangely narrative-like stories that actually happen to me, but really should be left up on the silver screen.

I just saw La La Land two days ago and have been listening to the songs ever since, contemplating the film and romance more generally. Then, today, while the soundtrack was running in the background a scene unfolded before me. My girlfriend and I were talking and she had decided to move away to a different continent to fulfill her dreams. Meanwhile, my dreams are currently playing out here in Brussels. Having had troubles already in our relationship and prolonging the inevitable as long as we could, today as the Epilogue song played on, we told each other that we always will care for each other and wish each other the success we both deserve. We basically lived the plot of La La Land¬†only two days after I saw it on screen. And no, I did not to anything consciously to lead our relationship down that path in those two days. This is not the first time, nor, I expect, the last time, when my life will play out like a musical on the big screen. Of course, I can’t really write about this experience, because La La Land already came out. So I guess I will have to content myself with reviewing the movie instead (coming up next).


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