Life is like a set of revolving doors.

As I get older, I find more and more that life is about the connections we share. No, this post is not inspired by Hideo Kojima’s new game Death Stranding, as I have not played it yet, though I have been thinking about starting to write game reviews too. Let me know if you’d be interested in seeing that.

But I digress. I used to look at life as a set of different phases we go through. There was early childhood, which for me, ended around my eleventh birthday. That was a happy time, though in retrospect, there were lots of things wrong with it too (as is always the case). Then came the dark times, puberty. I don’t really know how to relate to my time or the person I was during those years, as it all seems so far away and I have moved on to a far different life (and lifestyle), but one can never truly shake ones past or the connections one has made (and damaged).

Yet, I find, the positive experiences always outperform the negative. That is not to say that there is more positivity, which certainly was not the case during puberty, but that what little positive memories and experiences I have had, are the ones that have a stronger impact on me today. Perhaps, this is not entirely true, but I like to think of it this way. In any case, the friends I made at that time, still stick by me today, and even those that I only have had brief contact with, can reappear as if nothing happened. Last year, I met an old friend, whom I haven’t seen in a long time. We joked and he asked me “How long has it been? Ten years?” And I replied “Actually, twelve,” as if the difference didn’t matter. The truth is, it doesn’t. Happy memories can create bonds that never die, no matter if you go your seperate ways. I really belive that is a very important life lesson to learn. Be nice to people. Because if you are not, you will eventually find yourself alone. But if you are a good person, even if that means that sometimes bad people will be able to exploit and hurt you, the recipients of your kindness will remember it for years to come.

My argument is not that bad actions inevitably lead to bad consequences (Karma), but that good actions have positive long-term effects on your life.

Life is like a set of revolving doors. Whether you like it or not, the world is smaller than you think. If you are working in a certain profession, your life will take you back to the same places over the years and you will inevitably encounter some of the same people you have met before, because they too are moving in their own circles that overlap with yours from time to time.

I am not saying you should fake friendliness. But be nice to people in general and find those that are worth it to invest far more time and energy into them to build strong and lasting relationships. Because as time passes by, you will find yourself in more and more situations, when you meet people from your past and when you can help each other in ways you would have never guessed, when you first met each other.


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