Community – the greatest Show ever made #sixseasonsandamovie

A magical coincidence For years I declared to anyone who would listen that Firefly is and always will be the greatest show ever made. It’s diversity and rich human storytelling in only 14 short episodes (and one movie) was breathtaking. However, secretly, I always knew that Firefly would not be able to stand the test…

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Arrow(verse) – an end and a new beginning

In 2005 Christopher Nolan shocked the world with his surprisingly well-made gritty Batman Begins. In 2012 the trilogy came to a close with The Dark Knight Rises. The Dark Knight trilogy was a resounding success and is one of the reasons why superhero films became mainstream blockbuster films. Of course, we already had the Sam…

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The Mandalorian – A New Hope

Disney+ has only launched in a few countries thus far, but those that still have to wait for it have something to look forward to. The Mandalorian is both Disney’s first Direct-to-Streaming and live-action Star Wars television series and it delivers. At the time of writing, I was able to see the first four episodes…

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The Boys – Brilliant Anti-Superhero Superhero TV Show

Amazon Studios has delivered another winner for its streaming service Prime. The Boys at times feels like a comedy, but is as dark as it gets. The Boys is set in a fictional version of today, where superheroes are a given. However, unlike most superhero films and shows, the world of The Boys doesn’t give…

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Westworld Season 2 – Review

Westworld is by far the best television series currently on air and season two only reinforces that fact. While it is uneven at times, season two continues to deliver on all the key elements that make Westworld great: emotional character drama, wild plot twists and mysteries. SPOILERS ahead. Season two gets off to a slightly…

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Star Wars: The Clone Wars & Rebels – The Animated Universe

Star Wars Rebels has just concluded its fourth and final season and it went out with a bang. I want to take some time to reflect on Dave Filoni’s animated Star Wars universe and what it means to fans. Star Wars was never particularly good in the animated department. It’s first two productions were Droids…

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