The Intrepid Explorer: First Flight Out Now!

The Intrepid Explorer: First Flight Out Now!

I am most happy to announce that my first novel, The Intrepid Explorer: First Flight is now finally available to buy via Amazon!

The Intrepid Explorer: First Flight follows the adventure of a disjointed group of refugees, who need to work together and learn to trust and rely upon each other in order to survive, as they are being pursued by a tyrannical global state.

I wrote this story when I was 19-21. Since then I have grown significantly as a person and a writer and would likely have done some things differently, were I to write it now. I certainly had to do quite a bit of editing, but in the end I am quite happy with the finished product. Given this was a story I imagined long before any of my studies or proper real life experiences, I can safely say how proud I am of my younger self, for having the imagination and foresight to accurately predict a lot of different (sometimes very small) developments we see in the world today.

I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it. A second novel is already in the works and I have a plan for five stories in total (with potential for more afterward). If you like this one, let me know in the comments or drop me a line via the contact form here, or on social media. Amazon reviews and ratings are also appreciated! It will greatly motivate me to produce the sequels faster.

You can buy the book as Kindle (and soon in paperback format) here:

If the link doesn’t take you to your local Amazon, just substitute the .com with your local equivalent and you can buy the book from your Amazon store.


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